What is Pros/Cons of akaWORK
Executive Dashboard for senior leader
Insight Quality Dashboard (Quality, OSS, Security)
Power Integration with general DevOps tool chain
Support wide range of program language (java, C#, C++, php, nodejs,…)
Provides a lot of menus and options/build pipeline templates through which we can automate the build, deployment and upgrade processes.
Well architecture design, which can easy extend and expand along with business need. (AI integration, enterprise role and authorization, audit log and system health monitoring,…)
Good pricing, easy to deployment
Not just a too chain but a full solution from consultancy, building, training and manage services…
Suitable for enterprise only.
Newbie on market, many features in development and beta testing.
AI quality prediction just at a beginning level. Need enhance more.
What is pricing model for a DevOps package

DevOps assessment checklist will be provided. Base on customer selected, we offer the corresponding package.

Which program language support

Support general program language as  java, C#, C++, php, nodejs,..

Can we apply DevOps for waterfall model

DevOps is concept doing the software development. Waterfall can apply some of particular terms to speed up the progress and ensure quality earlier specially for CQM (Code quality management system) with set of quality technical best practical to apply.

How DevOps can be for a legacy system.

DevOps for legacy system need a roadmap for transformation. Our services can support for consultant and roadmap doing the tranformation from legacy system to DevOps maturity level.